coinbox1Everyone is interested in saving or making money. We are confident our shower control system will enhance control of your showers and help reduce water, gas/electric and sewer/septic costs while creating an income stream to increase your bottom line profit.

Having multiple designs for our shower control systems helps us meet the needs of the individual operator, from the private park owner who handles his own money up to the Government/Corporate parks who demand strict accountability. The confidence in making a quality built, trouble free system allows us put a two year warranty on our products.



Use a Shower Control System and Start Saving Money Today!


System I - designed for the private campground owner.


Components include: an electronic coin acceptor, high security stainless steel coin boxes (four choices). Our NEMA 3R control boxes house our timers that are dip switch controlled which can be changed at will, industrial control 120/24 volt transformers, GFI, fuses, and pilot lights that power a quality ½" industrial solenoid.

Systems II and II Plus


These systems have all the same qualities as in System I and they also include the availability of counters.

System III Custom


Because of accountability and Federal, State and Municipal specs. It was designed specifically for Government/Corporate parks. Featuring all the same qualities as system I including by-pass switches and non-reset counters.
Note: We custom build each system, to your individual specifications. The flexibility of our control systems means that they can be applied not only to control showers but fans, lighting, heaters, spas, air conditioning and more!

Download our Shower Control System brochure here. 

greener-is-cleanerProudly Made in U.S.AOur "bulletproof" electronic coin operated shower system saved the Big Sur California State Park 1 million gallons of water, 3,500 gallons of propane, and paid for itself within the first season.

Our trouble-free systems feature non-jamming coin acceptor that are able to accept coins or tokens. They are secure and easy to install, are able to change price and operating time easily, and have an exact money accountability.


etlFluid Manufacturing is now ETL® certified and is compliant with UL® CSA® standards. Manufactured for coin operated systems which will meet all national, local, and state electrical and uniform building codes for all applications.